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June 29, 2013
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MA: Lilith by Bunnchu MA: Lilith by Bunnchu
New character and app!

Name: Lilith

Age: 15

Height: 5'4"

Monster type/species: Shadow Lich [Undead Sorcerer]

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: Cape

Characters Major: Shadow Manipulation

Current Classes:  N/A

Passed Classes: N/A

Current Points: 0

Natural weapons: Claws. When she isn't in her human form, she gets little claws.
They are mostly used when she is engaging in close combat which is rarely done since
she prefers ranged combat.

Trained weapons: Shadow Magic [As stated in skills]

-Bright Lights Weakens her shadow abilites and affects her eye sight
regular sunlight on the other hand is fine.
-Heated temperatures: Slows her down and hurts her pysically
-Mortal: She can be killed by any human means
-Absolute Darkness: She cannot use her magic since her
shadow isn't visible in the dark


Major Skills

-Shadow Manipulation: Cannot
be used in complete darkness since her shadow
needs to be visible, It also becomes weaker as
it extends from the caster. Uses dark shadow like 
energy to create hands that lock people on things
in it if stepped on.

-Shadow Shapeshift: She drags her shadow from the
ground, into her arms and it forms a sword around
her hand. It isn't as strong as a metal sword but
it provides protection. when using this ability
she cannot use any other form of shadow manipulation
until her shadow is returned back to the ground.

-DoppleGanger: creates a clone, but not fully developed.
tends to only work as a minor shield and vanishes on impact.

Minor Skills:

-Eye sight: She is able to see in dark areas

which is why her eyes glow in the dark

-Learning new languages is very easy for her

-Levitation [Used most of the time instead of walking]

Lilith is a small girl with a big attitude. She tends to be like this
to defend her size.  She doesn't really like when things
don't go the way she enticipates, and can often end up
having a small anger fit if so.  She doesn't like to rush into things
nor does she like working a fast paces. She likes to outshine others when
trying to do something, It isn't always a bad thing..though
she may get abit competitive at times.

Character's Background:
Lilith was born into a cold family, Literally both being creatures of dark and cold orientations.
They resided in a  gloomy castle, deep in a secluded area.This was because she was often told by
her father that humans were troublesome creatures that he didnt want her to get into any
trouble with. He always told her that they wouldn't understand their kind. With her mother and father being
being powerful Lichs, Lilith was raised to be strong and not a cry baby. Tho lilith possesed almost 
all the same abilites as her father and mother, she was not strong enough to channel that energy
as well as they did. Her father started to become concerned for her. He did try his best to train her
himself, aswell as her mother but the two could not mold their daugther the way they intended to.
Personality wise her father was content with Lilith but he wanted her someday to become as strong her
so when lilith finally turned 18 he sent her off to Monster Academy where she could be with others
who were almost like her and in hopes that she would become stronger.

Roleplay Info: 
via: notes, chatroom

Roleplay example: [Used from an old app]

Ritsu: She had been wandering the hallways for sometime now trying
to find her way around. Ritsu was still new to the school so getting
around was abit of a struggle for her. After climbing a few stairs
and a few twists and turns around a few corners she decided it was
time she asked for help, while walking down yet another empty hallway
she noticed a dim figure in the distance and decided to go to them for help.
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